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What are your plans for today?
What are you plans for today?

For me today I am pottering about doing some housework and will be picking the kids up from school later. Tonight I will be live streaming on Mixer Smile
Working on some stuff for Nucleus, getting ready for my procedure tomorrow, and then maybe streaming tonight on Mixer with my better half for her birthday! Big Grin
Heading out to buy some new shoes soon and to grab a few bits I need and then a relaxing Sunday.
Start converting another theme to MyBB
Resting my leg as best I can since I got an insect bite that became infected Sad and watching the England match later.
Cleaning up after dinner, sorting a few things out for morning, playing a few games later and then bed.
food shopping
I don't have work tomorrow, so I'll probably just relax and stay up as late as I can Tongue .
I plan to play a ton on Animal Crossing New Leaf, because I can. Tongue
For the rest of today I will be playing Rainbow Six Siege and then heading to bed.. been a rough day and haven't felt well.

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