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Fish and Chips?
I know we have a few UK members here (including my beautiful lady [USER=2]@Shortie861[/USER] ) but for those who aren't from across the pond. Have you ever had fish and chips? I have a few places near me that serve it so Iv'e had it a few times, but I just recently went to Disney World and went to Epcott and found a stall serving fish and chips. It was really good. Smile I'm sure not as good as it would be if I went to see my lady, who lives in a small fishing town, but yeah. Smile

Are you a fan of fish and chips? I love em! Smile

[Image: 55e07d2e946bb.jpg]
Yea, long John silver has fish & chips. It tastes great. Once a year there are even local fish fries & I would love to try going to one.
I used to love fish and chips, but I eventually got bored of it. I suppose the fish doesn't taste of very much on its own!

Of course, I still have it sometimes, but not nearly as often as I used to.
The US has two major chains that I know of: Long John Silver's and Captain D's. How would you compare the English stuff to this?
I have had fish and chips a couple of times, but mostly home made.
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Had a few versions where I live. But never been to the UK to have it.

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