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PS3 value.
How much would you value a used Playstation 3 that is modified to a 1TB hard drive?

I got one from Game Stop for $120 or somewhere around there. I put it up for sale on Facebook for the same price and a lot of people laughed. lol What would you guys put the worth at?
Depends. Is the PS3 a phat version or thin? Depending on the model is how much you can get for it. Try selling it on ebay.
I feel like that was a fare price. I mean I got mine for almost the same price.
It would increase in value if you modded it and installed custom firmware on it along with loading in multiman . With these tweaks, you can get $150-200 easily, depending on the model. If it's the slim model (preferred) modding it brings back PS2 backwards compatibility which is fantastic and definitely increases the value of the console. If it's a phat one or one that's prone to getting the dreaded YLOD or Yellow Light of Death then I would say $75 is about as high as you'll probably get for it as those are essentially ticking time bombs and will DEFINITELY break down, it's just a matter of WHEN, not IF.

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