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Community Chat Thread
Hey guys how's it going
It's going pretty well today. Smile
Well, there isn't a routine chit-chat thread, hence why I'm making one myself. How's everyone doing?

Good afternoon, I've just joined The Nucleus and am having fun on here. I have my dentist appointment in about 1 hour and a half. Playing some Zuma's Revenge as well as chatting on Discord. I've finally recovered my Apple ID and pass so that I could download the app, had been using the web client all this time and couldn't click away the Discord add! So yeah, hi everyone, sup?
I've been busy helping my mom with fixing her windows 10 computer, it was having wifi connect issues but I fixed it all the same. xD How's every one else been doing?
I am going to try to work out how to add smilies to mine today, i kow you may say its simple, but new board, new ways, new headaches lol.
Smilies are easy to add, what I wanna fix is the issue with double : getting posted in the codes such as :Smile
Good afternoon! =3
Going good today! Just wish my hayfever would do one Sad
Not too bad today! Did some modding for a few streamers earlier, just relaxing now, gonna grab some dinner in a bit Big Grin
Evening everyone, it has been a busy oe here getting things organized

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