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Community Chat Thread
Good afternoon all, had been the whole morning enjoying many food and drinks out, had lunched on leftover pizza and some coke, had pampered myself by doing my nails a dark red and showering with my 3 in 1 : body scrub, wash and moisturizer. Will be relaxing with a few movies before dinner and bed.
Not much going on today. Just doing chores.
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Hello everyone. Have a wonderful day.
Went ahead and merged the Daily Natter thread and the "Chat" thread in the daily threads section since they essentially served the same purpose. Smile
Good afternoon everyone, had a lovely morning out : had a Tim's iced cap and an Arizona iced tea. Been at shops for awhile. Am currently home to my blog and forums, but be lunching on leftovers and orange juice, yum.
Good morning everyone. Making rounds then time for a nap.
Good afternoon friends, had been out all morning. Had enjoyed a Tim's iced coffee and a Vietnamese iced coffee as well for lunch. Had for lunch today : an A&W's mama burger, yummy. Better than Mcdonald's. Be teaching myself how to code and program from now on the whole afternoon after posting.
Good evenin' folks! Been a somewhat busy-ish weekend.....gonna relax tonight and get some work done tomorrow after a morning walk and breakfast, and after modding for @Shortie on Mixer.  Which you should all totally sign up to and drop a follow her way at this URL. Smile
Good morning all, had about 4 hours sleep last night, be breakfasting on a Chinese bun and have my morning coffee.

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