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Promotions, updates & more!
Promotions, Updates & more!

First and foremost, please welcome @Nilla to the Nucleus staff team. Nilla has been brought on as a theme developer for us. She has experience theming MyBB and will be converting 2 themes for us that were on previous iterations of Nucleus, back on ZetaBoards. Our original default theme "Reloaded" as well as the Darkside theme we've had on forums in the past, will both be migrated to MyBB as exclusives to Nucleus Boards.

Secondly, we have implemented a few new features to Nucleus, rather quietly. 

1) Avatar Gallery has been enabled so that you can choose from pre-defined avatars if you don't have one you'd like to upload yourself.
2) Welcoming PM to new users.
3) More arcade games have been added to the arcade with more on the way.

New things coming:
1) New emoticons will be implemented in the near future to replace the default MyBB ones. :Smile
2) Gallery - We are currently looking into a gallery to use with MyBB for images and possibly video embedding.

Much, much more to come!

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