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PSP - Your thoughts?
What do you think of the PSP? Do you own one? If so, which model?  Is your PSP hacked or stock?

I own a PSP 2001 and a PSP 3000 model and I really like the console. I have both of mine hacked as well on custom firmware so I can play backups and emulators. 

I'm a big fan of the PSP and really wish it did better. The PS Vita is a great console as well but modding it is a lot harder and the game library seems lacking compared to the PSP.   What does everyone else think about the PSP?
I have one. I'm not sure what model, one of the older ones.

I pretty much only got it for Lunar Silver Star Harmony. XD I still find it was worth it! I do have a bunch of other games for it. Should get to playing them...someday.
I would definitely try to mod it and put custom firmware on it Megan. Custom firmware opens up a whole new world for the PSP Big Grin

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