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How did you meet?
How did you meet your other half? I met Shortie/Nikki back in 2009. I was promoting my site at the time around various forums while looking for similar forums to post on and become active on when I stumbled upon her forum, Chat Addicts, I liked the design and sought out affiliation, upon seeing a few of her pictures posted around the forum, I was smitten pretty quickly and did everything I could to talk to her through PM and such. We became friends and got pretty close over the years, eventually in 2011, I confessed how I felt about her but was turned forward to 2014 and I gave it another shot and this time it worked. :Smile She felt the same way and now 4 years later we're still together in a happy and loving relationship. She is everything to me and I probably wouldn't be here today without her. I love you Nikki, thank you for everything you've done for me baby girl. Heart
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Plentyoffish. We've been together 3 1/2 years.
I met Krystal in church.  She was married at the time, so I had resigned myself to just be friends with her.  I helped her out as much as I could when she joined the Praise Team.  She eventually separated from her husband and eventually divorced him.  New Years Day 2018, here we are in church during "watchnight" service.  We talked and she admitted that she liked me.

We've been together ever since.  It's extremely hard to forget that anniversary since the day we got together and New Years Day are one and the same! Wink

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