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Do you think a Microsoft handheld would work?
If Microsoft was to make a portable handheld console like the PS Vita or the Nintendo 3DS or even the Switch, do you think it'd work out well?

I think they'd do a pretty awesome job to be honest. With XBL integration and triple A titles like Halo and Gears of War, as well as multiplat titles like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Grand Theft Auto, I feel like if anyone can make a great handheld, it'd probably be Microsoft.
Problem is that they already have tried with Windows tablets, which sold poorly against other tablet contenders like Android, Google, & Apple. All of which outsold their compitetion while m$ struggled. Apparently, the others guys mobile devices are far more superior & is why m$ pulled the plug on their developing tablets.
A tablet isn't a dedicated gaming console though, so I don't fully agree with that argument. I'm talking about a full-fledged Xbox handheld, dedicated to gaming and nothing else. Smile
Offically Microsoft has said on many occasions they aren't going into the handheld market for the Xbox brand. Honestly, I doubt it'd outsell the 3DS, either. More so since the PSV has been struggling since it's launch & Sony abandoning the poor thing last year. 

Still one never knows. M$ may surprise everyone at E3 with an announcement of their entering into the dedicated handheld market. Hopefully they can get their act together & release exclusive content to it & the xb1x.

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