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Apple products?
What are your thoughts on Apple products?  I love Mac OSX but i really don't like apple products as a whole.  Since Steve Jobs passed, I felt that the quality of apple products dropped significantly. My family members generally all have iPhones except for my oldest brother and his family, myself and my dad, everyone else has an iPhone, iPads, etc. I have an old Macbook i bought back in 2009 and it needs reviving so to's missing a key completely from the keyboard after letting my sister borrow it for awhile, her kids basically destroyed it. I'm hoping the apple store can fix it for me and not charge an arm and a leg to do so, it basically needs a whole new keyboard put in, so i'm not holding my breath on a fix...

My iPad Air from 2013 also died on me not too long ago, it lasted quite awhile I will give them that much credit, but I'm very hesitant to buy another because with every iOS update they shorten the lifespan of the actual's been proven before and i'm really un-easy about giving Apple any more of my money.....What do you think about Apple and their products? are you a fan?
I never used to like Apple. I remember having to use mac's in school and hated it.

Some years back I got an iPad (I think 4th or 5th generation?) and fell in love with it. Before that I also had two iPods. A Nano and a Classic (which I got for more space). My Nano the wheel doesn't work great anymore, you have to press real hard on the play button. But I just use that for at work and stuff anyway. But back to the iPad. Loved it and like a year or so later got an MacBook Air. Granted it had an issue shortly after (couple months?) where the keyboard wouldn't type the keys you were pressing and would put in random ones. Luckily it was under warranty so got it fixed. I love it because it runs so much faster than my PC.

I got an iPad Pro this year since updates weren't supported on my old one, and gave my old one to my mom. I love the new one.

And just a couple months ago got an iPhone SE. On our phone plan they had it for $160 so got that since I had always wanted one.

I'll agree that Apple products do have their issues, but I love em anyway.

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