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An attic?
Does your house have an attic?  If so, how often do you go up there and for what purpose?

We have an attic, it's  right above my bed. We go up there for things like Christmas decorations when the time comes to either put them up or take them down. Other than that, we don't really go into the attic for anything.
We have one but it's a pain in the butt to get to (as it's above the entry to our basement), so we just don't use it.
I have an attic but i also have a bedroom in there so its like another floor with a tiny access to a room around the room, if you get what that means.
No we don't have an attic. but it would be good if we did
Yep, its in my old room (I moved into my sister's when she moved out). No one ever goes up there. No idea what's up there and don't care to know. Sometimes if I slammed my door hard enough the door on it would move which was creepy. Every so often I'd notice it open. Scary!
The house I live in technically has an attic, but this whole house is divided into apartments. The attic happens to be one of them. I don't go into the attic because it's not my apartment. A young couple and a cat live there.

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