• Attention Guest!

    We are moving back to Xenforo 1. This will require a restart of the forums. HOWEVER! We will have a new, nicer theme, as well as a lot more features including things like Moods, custom username formatting, profile covers similar to facebook and much more to come!

    Users who return will be given 1 month of Pro membership to test out our new Pro membership subscription. We will also be leaving this up for anyone to move any posts over they do not wish to lose!

    Please sign up here:
    The New Nucleus Boards - Click here!

    These forums will remain online for a week for moving posts and other things over. Thank you for the understanding and sorry for the inconvenience. Smokey made a slight mistake going with XF2 this early on in it's life cycle.


What do donations go towards?

Donations and what they go towards.

Q: What does a donation to Nucleus go towards?
A: Donations to Nucleus go towards improving the forum/site. This includes new add-ons/features, new themes and other improvements.

Q: Does it cost money to run Nucleus?
A: Yes it does. It costs a monthly fee to host the forum, on top of a license fee for Xenforo software.

Q: Do you pay for this all yourself?
A: Yes, this all comes out of my pocket and I am already on a very tight budget, so any and all donations help greatly!

Q: Do users get anything if they donate?
A: Yes, you will get a special Donator title. Alternatively, you cna purchase VIP from our User Upgrades pane.

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